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- the next generation in hearing protection.

Does your organization rely on personal hearing protection to limit your employees daily noise exposure?

If so, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that there is now a cost effective alternative that also is more comfortable to wear, and provides consistent levels of noise reduction across your workforce.

Here are some typical questions and answers about this revolutionary approach to personal hearing protection.

What are "hEARsavers"?

"hEARsaver" are custom molded ear plugs designed to give years of reliable service, and a fit that exceeds any off the shelf product.

Why do they fit so well?

"hEARsavers" are manufactured in the same way that dentures are made. An impression is taken of the inside of the ear by a qualified Audiometrist. This impression is then processed into a durable acrylic mold which is the exact shape of the inside of the persons ear, fitting every contour exactly.

Are they better than other types of ear plugs?

Yes, because traditional ear plugs rely on constant pressure on the inside of the ear canal to maintain an acoustic seal. This is why most people find them very uncomfortable to wear all day, because they are constantly "pressing" on the inside of the ear.

Do they provide as much protection?

Yes. They are manufactured with 3 different SLC 80 ratings (a rating showing the amount of noise reduction they provide).

Clinical research (by the "National Acoustics Laboratory" - the pinnacle Government testing agency) has shown that the amount of noise reduction provided by off the shelf ear plugs can be as much as 80% lower than the rated performance for the product.

This is caused by the high amount of variability in inserting and wearing the "off the shelf" ear plug correctly.

Question: Are your staff really getting the amount of noise reduction you think they are when they wear off the shelf ear plugs? Research shows that in most cases, they are not!

How long will "hEARsavers" last?

This of course varies on how well they are looked after, but it is not uncommon for them to last 3 - 5 years when cleaned regularly, and stored correctly in their supplied pouch.

Are there other advantages besides comfort?

Yes. Fit - Because they are custom molded to the shape of each individuals ear, your employees will wear them more often, and feel better when they do. This increases staff morale, lifts productivity, reduces absenteeism.

Communication - Because the acoustic properties are closely matched to the noise environment your employees are in, they will able to communicate with other staff more effectively. The "hEARsavers" use a special filtering system which reduces harmful noise levels, but continues to allow speech to be heard and understood.

Natural sounding - The "hEARsavers" reduces or eliminates totally the "blocked up" feeling associated with traditional hearing protection devices. The persons own voice sounds natural, and the feeling of isolation is minimised.

Reduced wastage - Your employees are throwing away disposable ear plugs (and your money!) every time they take a break, or remove them.

How do they compare to disposable earplugs?

Disposable ear plugs are exactly that, disposable. As such, re-using them can cause ear infections and many other medical problems with ear if they are re-inserted after use.

Are they cost effective?

In most cases, a person will use at least 5 pairs of ear plugs per day.

This is 25 pairs per week, 107 pairs per month, and a staggering 1,284 pairs per year!!!! This is not only WASTING YOUR MONEY, but it also creates a huge disposal problem for your company.

In some cases, used ear plugs have even found their way to customers via the product packing, or in the products themselves!!! The potential results of this unfortunate situation is too devastating to think about!

Based on these calculations, the break even point for the initial investment for the ultimate form of hearing protection is less than 1 year.

On top of the saving for the rest of the life of the "hEARsaver" (3 -5 years), you also reap the benefits of using this amazing product (higher usage rates, increased staff morale, productivity lift, and reduced absenteeism.

Your new "hEARsaver" are designed and manufactured to provide excellent noise reduction by use of a patented passive "hEARsaver" filtering unit. The material used for the "hEARsaver" is a medical grade acrylic, similar to that used by the dental industry. As such it is both very durable, and extremely safe.

The amount of noise reduction provided by the "hEARsaver" is pre set during the production process, and is determined by the typical noise levels in your workplace or work area. In most cases however, it can be altered by simply replacing the filter with an alternate type.

How do I get some????

First, you need to get an "impression" taken of your ears. This is a silicon material that a hearing professional squirts in your ears. It goes hard in about 5 minutes, and is then removed. These impressions are sent to the Lab, and used to make a "reverse" mould of your ear. From that, a new mould is made that is an exact replica of your ear. Your hEARsavers are then returned to you. The hEARsavers are quite small, and usually fill only the "canal" portion of the ear.

Where can I get an impression taken???

For quantities (if your company is having a few done), we can come on site for you. This saves down time for your staff so they do not have to go "off site" to have the impressions taken. The cost of the impressions are included in the price of the hEARsavers ($220 inc GST).

For one off's, it is usually easier to have the impressions taken at your local hearing aid clinic. Just look under the heading "Hearing Aids" in the Yellow Pages, and pick one close to you. Any hearing aid clinic can make an impression for you. They take impressions for all their clients, as it is how they fit the hearing aids o their clients. Impressions for ear plugs use the same process. Just ask for a set of impressions suitable for custom ear plugs.

Then pack them in a box (not a padded bag - because if they get squashed, the shape will be incorrect and then they won't fit properly in your ears!) and post them to us at the postal address listed below (P.O. Box 212 Woori Yallock Vic. 3139). Please include all your details - name, postal address, and a phone number to contact you on if there are any problems.

Remember, please enclose a Cheque or Postal Order for the correct amount to ensure there are no delays in the processing of your order. Alternatively, we can ring you and process your payment via Credit Card, if this is more suitable for you.

Note: some hearing aid clinics may offer you a "noise plug" of some description. These are not the genuine article (hEARsavers), and do not perform as well. Most of these also DO NOT meet the Australian Standard, and DO NOT have a certified "SLC 80" rating, like the hEARsavers do. The impressions should cost no more than $50 per pair.

What about "instant" plugs?

Instant plugs are for temporary use. They usually cost $50 - $100 per pair. They only last months, not years, and do not have the special filters that allow you to understand what people are saying when you are wearing them. They crack and fall apart in a very short period of time. hEARsavers are cast under high heat and pressure from a medical grade of silicon, and usually last for years.

What does a set of hEARsavers cost?

One off - $220 per pair, (less $50 if you send in your impressions).

In quantity, the price goes down with the volume. Please ring to discuss your situation, and we will be happy to provide you with a written quote.

I hope this information is of assistance. If you have any further queries, please call our staff who will be glad to help you.

Disclaimer: Prices include GST. Prices subject to change without notice. All data provided above if for general information only. Each hEARsaver is custom made, so size will be different for each individual person. We reserve the right to change the above data without notice.



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