Noise reducing Acoustic enclosures...

The problem:-

excessive noise created by;

- Industrial Air compressors & other machinery

The need:-

less noise, stressed relationships or costly fines;

- Employee Workcover hearing loss claims.
- Health & Safety Organisation fines.
- Local Council by-laws infringements.
- Angry neighbors.

The solution:-


- Custom made to order.
- Designed and built by Quadrant.
- Forced air ventilation.
- Easy access for service or routine operation.
- Constructed from durable zinc seal steel.
- Painted in a hard wearing hammertone finish.
- Easily removed or relocated.
- Provides up to 20 dB of noise reduction (approx. 75%).

The price of this custom designed enclosure varies with size and construction.

Contact us by email, phone or fax to obtain more information.

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