Noise Assessment & Control Plan

Why must a noise assessment be performed at your facility?

1. Your company has a legal responsibility (Occupational Health & Safety Act 1992).
2. It is the only effective way to minimise claims for hearing loss.
3. To avoid hefty Workcover penalties.
4. To ensure you pay the minimum Workcover premium in the future.
5. Without it, you have no way of knowing the risk of noise related hearing loss.

How can you protect yourself?

We provide you with a workable "step by step" document which will fully explain the process you should take.
The report has practical suggestions for reducing the noise levels in your workplace (wherever possible).
It is designed to be easily understood and simple to implement.

Why is OUR noise assessment different to others?

Your comprehensive noise assessment & control plan is not just a list of noise levels, but includes all of the following:
An initial assessment of your requirements.

Why are we best positioned to provide this valuable service to your organisation?

Quadrant Industrial Acoustics are recognised as leaders in this specialised area (est. 1969), both in Australia, and overseas.
The synergy brought about by Quadrant's depth and breadth of knowledge and understanding of your specific industry will ensure that your organisation receives the highest quality of service and level of benefit from this highly specialised and industry specific program.
We only use fully qualified Audiometrists (2 years at R.M.I.T.), registered with the Audiometrists Association of Australia and approved by the Victorian Workcover Authority.
We also only use sophisticated computerised and highly accurate "type 1" equipment to ensure full compliance with all relevant legislation.
Our structured reports are simple to read, understand and implement.
They even contain a meeting planner with a "what to do next" list to make it as easy as possible for your team to implement any recommendations made.
The reputation of Quadrant is so strong in this specialised field that they are regularly requested to provide independent noise assessments for insurance and investigations companies.
These reports are used in disputing unjustified hearing loss claims made against employers.
In many cases this has saved the companies thousands of dollars.
However, it is far more cost effective to have a thorough noise assessment performed before any claims are lodged.
Quadrant provides a "One Stop Shop" for all your needs in noise assessment, control and solutions. Every step of the process is monitored, from the initial noise assessment through to implementation. Competitive quotations can be provided for any engineering measures or acoustic enclosures required through its own engineering production facility. PLUS - we have a proven successful track record - since 1969!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is any further information that you may require regarding this project,
or to book a suitable time to commence this project for your organisation.

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