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The regulations (Occupational Health and Safety Regulations -Noise, 1992) state that "anyone who is issued with hearing protection to control their exposure to noise must receive appropriate training in the correct use, maintenance of the HPD's, as well as any noise minimisation strategies that may be in place in that workplace".

Our fully qualified and government registered Audiometrists can provide on-site education and motivation programs for your staff. These 30 to 60 minutes courses provides the attendees with all the relevant information regarding the effect and impact on their lifestyle of excessive personal noise exposure, and the ways to minimise over-exposure to noise.

Our experience has shown that providing the correct type of information to employees will allow them to make correct decision regarding their own personal noise exposure patterns. Usually, this results in a much greater awareness of the effects of noise exposure to them personally. As a consequence, a diligent attitude is developed to minimise personal noise exposure at work, as well as at home and recreationally.

A workable size for this course is no more than 20. The course is conducted at your premises, thereby reducing unnecessary traveling time for your employees. Requirements for the course are a suitable venue for seating, and if possible, an overhead projector and whiteboard.

Education & motivation programs for your team...

...............why provide training????

Many employees (incorrectly) believe that the requirement to use hearing protection does not apply to them. Experience has shown that these decisions are made with only a limited amount of information. Reasons for these decisions are as diverse and varied as "my ears are used to it", "I'm half deaf now, so it doesn't matter", "if I wear ear plugs, I can't hear my machine / warning alarms / my friends speaking etc", "I've been exposed to noise for so long, my hears have ‘toughened' up", and the list goes on!

Even if you have had a noise survey performed, and all your employees have had their hearing tested, you are not receiving the full benefits of all that investment and work without providing a suitable training program for your staff.

Research has shown that employees will quickly loose motivation and revert back to their old habits regarding hearing protection devices. The only way to continue the good work that has been invested in your team is to provide a suitable training package for your staff.

The courses are specifically designed to provide employees with the required amount of information and knowledge to enable and empower them to make correct decisions regarding noise and hearing protection in the future.

There are a number of various training programs available. If theses are not suitable, we will be more than happy to structure a program to deliver the exact results and outcomes that you require.

1 hour "Employee Education & Motivation" program.

Large scale education and motivation seminars can be held for larger groups of up to 50 (maximum) at any one time. This seminar runs for between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the time available, and is designed to be entertaining as well as educational and highly motivational.

The course is designed and structured at a level that can be easily understood, as well as being interesting, and at some points, even entertaining! Requirements for the course are a suitable venue for seating, an overhead projector, and if possible, a white board.

For specific details of course content, see the "syllabus and learning outcomes" info below.


"Employee Education & Motivation"

Typical course topics

Basic anatomy of the ear.
Temporary & permanent threshold shifts.
"Noises" inside the ears & how hearing loss occurs.
Personal hearing protection devices.
Understanding hearing test results and abnormal results.
How a hearing loss affects communication.

Learning outcomes

Basic understanding of how we hear.
Understanding of how noise affects hearing.
Understanding of methods used to minimise the risk of receiving a hearing loss.
Understanding the effects of a hearing loss - in the workplace, at home, on relationships, on recreation, and to the general health of a person.
Ability to detect workplace noise problems, and when protection should be worn.
Ability to select and wear the correct earplugs or earmuffs.
Understanding of the importance of noise control measures, and protective equipment.

"Train the Trainer"

These 4 hour short courses are extracted from the 3 day fully accredited screening audiometry course that Quadrant provides.Ideal for O.H. & S. Representatives, supervisors, managers, and all middle to upper level management staff. This program provides the attendees with all the relevant information that will enable them to conduct short employee education and motivation sessions within their own workplace. The course is structured to allow a maximum of 10 participants per course. The course is conducted at your premises, thereby reducing any unnecessary traveling time for your employees. Requirements for the course are a suitable venue for seating, an overhead projector, a video player, television, white board and provision of refreshments (tea, coffee etc.) for the participants if preferred.

We have provided this course on numerous occasions to some of Australia's largest, and smallest, companies. The response from the supervisors and management has been tremendous. They have found that they are no longer pressuring their team to comply with the hearing protection requirements. The staff are now requesting their own devices and wearing them consistently. They are also now monitoring their own hearing, and advising their team leaders of any problems that they may be experiencing with their hearing protection devices.

By empowering your employees with this knowledge you are directly and positively impacting the effectiveness and success of your hearing conservation program. Past experience has even shown that there is usually a "spill over" effect into other OH&S programs as well!

If the basic format of these programs is not exactly what your organisation is looking for, we will be happy to customise a program to meet your exact requirements. If you would like to proceed with this project, and provide your organisation with the best insurance you can ever get - prevention - please ring me now to arrange a suitable time.

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