The sound proof room is demountable, allowing it to be carried through a standard sized single doorway. Two persons would be capable of carrying the panels whose average weight is approximately 125 kg. The basic height of each panel is 2000mm x 1000mm wide and 100mm thick.

Rooms are guaranteed to withstand demounting and relocating without damage and loss of performance, providing it is constructed in accordance with the manufacturers specifications and instructions.

Wall and ceiling panels are a combination of 18 & 16 gauge zinc coated steel, lined with a special acoustic fibre. The internal panels are constructed around a timber frame and then covered with a "melded: type fabric (front runner). The internal panels are then attached via hook and loop fasteners to the steel panels thereby providing excellent athstetic qualities. A high quality finish is provided to all external faces which are firstly zinc coated, and then finished with a two pack paint system.

The floor of the room is suspended upon a special compound material providing excellent vibration isolation. Positioned above the steel floor panels are an 18mm medium density fibre board panel, followed by a 3mm rubber mat, and finally covered with an industrial grade carpet to compliment the wall linings.

Floor loading does not exceed 3.4kPa, whilst the reverberation times are less than 0.25 as per specification NRB-IP. Sound field rooms are supplied with a one way window built into a wall panel. The widow dimensions are 1500mm wide x 750mm high and located 900mm from the floor.


Custom - as specified.


Entry door is constructed of 1.6 zincalume steel, it opens outward on chrome plated hinges carrying precision bearings and has a double flange seal and can be fitted with an (optional) viewing window of 300mm x 300mm x 6mm in the door. It is fitted with an easy to release door handle (wedge sealing type), as well as a full perimeter magnetic seal. The minimum width of the door opening is 800mm.


A six socket 6.5mm stereo Jack panel is fitted to the room, whilst 240 volt power is provided by a 15 amp input socket mounted on the roof near the door with the outlet on the same internal panel.


Lights are recessed into the ceiling panel with the ballast and starter unit being incased and mechanically isolated from the room to avoid any transmission of vibration. The ballast housing is situated outside the room on the roof. All light switches are located internally adjacent to the door. One flourescent light with diffuser is provided to test rooms, whilst 2 units are provided in the case of a sound field room. Rooms are fitted with an earth leakage detection device, and all electrical fittings that are used are in accordance with the relevant Australian standards.


The room materials have been certified to meet Australian standards for fire protection, optional fire alarm and illuminated evacuation signs may also be provided internally in case of electrical failure.


A rotary four blade 300mm fan, with a variable speed control switch is fitted to the forced air ventilation system. Inlet and outlet ducts are fitted on the roof. The inner lining of these ducts are provided with sound traps to avoid any external noise interference, the on/off switch will not allow the fan to operate whilst the light is off. A high rupture capacity motor fuse is installed in the circuit adjacent to the motor. Residual noise figures given by the ventilation fan are as follows ...... the figures are measured 1000mm from the floor level in the centre of the room.

Frequency Residual Attenuation
  Fan noise (dB)
125 27 39
250 17 35
500 12 43
1000 0 64
2000 0 72
3000 0 74
4000 0 70
6000 0 63
8000 0 60

Should any questions arise from these specifications,

please contact Quadrant Instruments Australia Pty Ltd. Due to continuing product development, Quadrant Instruments Australia Pty Ltd. Reserves the right to change any and or all specifications of its products at any time - without notice.

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